Monday, April 20, 2015

I must say I am pretty amazed by how many people have viewed my blog. I really appreciate it. It amazes me how many people want to learn more about chickens and other people's experiences with chickens.

It has been two years since I've last posted on this blog. There are several things that have changed over these years. For starters, I got married! I was lucky to marry my best friend on a beautiful July day. I moved out of my parents how which is where the chickens are located, got a new job which had more difficult hours and unfortunately I couldn't take care of the chickens like I did before.

However, my father and sisters continued to care for the chickens as I had before. Our group has held steady at 19 hens even through the tough New England winter we had this past year. We had several blizzards with dark gloomy days. The egg production decreased drastically and there was only a few eggs a week from the 19 girls. However, since the weather has warmed up the chickens have started to lay more eggs again. They are approximately two years old now and are doing very well.

My father decided to not get more chickens this spring and rather keep the ones we have now until they stop laying eggs.

Therefore, I will not be writing anymore about chickens but encourage those who want to know more to continue doing research. is the best place for that.

Thank you.