Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chicken Girl Problems

May 30, 2012
Welcome! My name is Haley and I have chicken girl problems. To define a "chicken girl problem" I would say are things that people with chickens have to deal with. The moment that my father and I decided to raise chickens I really had no idea how much work would need to go into it. We started off with four chicks that were about a week and a half old from McMurray Hatchery in April. After we got these guys all settled in my father and I wanted more chickens because we felt that four was just not enough. About one month later we had 26 new baby chicks at our door! Our two groups of chickens are about 7 weeks apart and this really makes for a significant difference. 

Thirty chickens entitles a lot of "chicken girl problems" (We had 31 but unfortunately one of them ended up being a rooster and we could not keep him in our neighborhood. Don't worry he went to a great farm). For the most part this blog with document the problems that I have run into with being a new mommy to so many babies and talk about how I raise my chickens. I take pride in the way I raise them and am very excited to share my experience with all of you.

 Questions & Comments are ALWAYS welcome! 

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