Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Chicken Girl Problem # 4: Egg Laying

Chicken Girl Problem # 4
Egg Laying

My chickens have finally reached the perfect laying age and it was probably one of the happiest times of my whole chicken raising experience. Since we have 28 chickens we were very excited to be getting several eggs a day, however, we were very hesitant since we knew the winter months were fast approaching and their egg production would drop.

I am happy to report that we have been getting about 14 to 16 eggs a day! As a family, we figured that it is safe to assume the chickens are laying about every other day! I am also very proud to say that out of all the eggs we have harvested there has only been one soft shell. We do not have an egg breaker (cross my fingers) and no animal has stolen them! However, we have had the issue with our chickens laying their eggs in random places outside.

This is my beautiful girl Pearl and she is a sweetheart. But (yes their is a but) she has been escaping the safety of our yard and running to our neighbors house (yes I literally mean running) and laying her eggs underneath our neighbors swing set! It is easy to spot her missing from the front yard since she is our only white chicken but it has not been fun venturing to our neighbors yard 5 to 6 times a day to retrieve her.
I wish I could tell you that we have found a way to keep her in our yard but that would be a lie. Instead, we have found out that if we keep all of our pool gate doors closed she isn't smart enough to either fly over it or just walk around to the back and sneak out one of those doors.

I have found that there are several things that have contributed to us having healthy chickens and delicious eggs. These things go as follows:
  • Clean Water
  • Adequate Food
  • Adequate Supplements such as Oyster Shells
  • Clean living environment and adequate space
  • Free Range time whether it be for a few minutes to a few hours
  • Healthy Treats to keep their treat obsessed minds occupied. The best treat chart is this one from backyard chickens
  • Love and Attention, dead serious. I have some very cuddly chickens whom love being loved
Have any things you would like to add to the list?! COMMENT BELOW!

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